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What to expect when you're purchasing a home


1) Get a letter of pre-approval from a mortgage lender before you start looking. It will help you

set a budget plus you need to include the letter when you submit an offer. Don’t have a lender? 

No problem click HERE or select the “Resources” tab above.


2) Need/Want Lists - Make separate lists of your needs and wants. Looking at houses is exciting

but finding a home that checks every item on your list is rare. You need to look beyond the current

owner's decorating choices and keep in mind that paint is an easy fix. 


3) Submit an offer - In addition to a letter of pre-approval, you will also need to write an earnest

money check. If your offer is accepted, the earnest money will be held at the title company and

applied toward your closing costs. If the offer is rejected, the money is returned. 


4) Offer Accepted - There are a lot of things to do between the day your offer is accepted and

closing day.  I give my buyers a Countdown to Closing check list so there are no surprises.


5) Utilities - 4 or 5 days before closing transfer your utilities and ask the post office to forward you

mail to your new address.


6) Closing - Your closing will take place at the title company. You will need to bring a cashier’s check

and photo ID. There are a lot of figures to go over and papers to sign so be prepared to spend at least 

two hours at the title company.